Pablo Rodriguez
CEO. Telefonica Alpha


Edge Computing,  An Evolution or a Revolution?

First Web Hosting, then Caching, then CDNs, then P2P, then Cloud, now back again to the Edge. Is this a natural evolution driven after a period of economic consolidation of existing services, or a paradigm change driven by new experiences and applications? Is distance the new bottleneck, as opposed to computing or access to data? Are we seeing a new paradigm that moves computation and storage away from centralized locations bringing the cloud closer to where data is created and acted upon? Virtualisation, new software defined networking capabilities, lower latency demands, 5G, virtual CDNs, and a new set of hardware capabilities for ML/AI is allowing us to reconsider things again. New services such as autonomous vehicles, IoT, VR and AR, tactile Internet, are also changing consumer demands and the need to redefine the concept of the edge, how many edges and where? In this talk I will describe some of my experiences over the last decade and a half in this field, I will explore what has changed since and where we could be going next with Edge computing to solve some of the grand challenges ahead.