Poster Session Instructions

Accepted Posters/Demos

  1 Poster: Distracted Driving Management. 
Seyhan Ucar (Toyota Motor North America R&D), Hao Yang (McMaster University), Kentaro Oguchi (Toyota Motor North America R&D)
  2 Demo: Nearby Aggressive Driving Detection. 
Tomohiro Matsuda, Seyhan Ucar, Yongkang Liu, E. Akin Sisbot, Kentaro Oguchi (Toyota Motor North America R&D)
  3 Poster: Enabling High-Fidelity and Real-Time Mobility Digital Twin with Edge Computing. 
Yueyang Liu (Georgia State University), Haoxin Wang (Georgia State University), Zhipeng Cai (Georgia State University), Dawei Chen (Toyota Motor North America R&D), Kyungtae Han (Toyota Motor North America R&D)
  4 Poster: Blockchain-Enabled Federated Edge Learning for Big Data Quality Assessment. 
Yalong Wu, Kewei Sha, Kwok-Bun Yue (University of Houston-Clear Lake)
  5 Poster: Edge Computing for Deep Learning-based Sensor Multi-Target Detection. 
Alperen Kalay, Alparslan Fisne (Aselsan Research)
  6 Demo: Human-Computable One-Time Passwords. 
Sławomir Matelski (INTELCO LLC)
  7 Poster: Ensemble Federated Edge Learning for Recommender Systems. 
Hui Sun (Anhui University), Yiru Chen (Anhui University), Kewei Sha (University of Houston - Clear Lake), Yalong Wu (University of Houston-Clear Lake)
  8 Poster: Making Edge-assisted LiDAR Perceptions Robust to Lossy Point Cloud Compression. 
Jin Heo (Georgia Tech), Gregoire Phillips (Ericsson Research), Per-Erik Brodin (Ericsson Research), Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Tech)
  9 Poster: Colibri: Fine-grained Control Plane Container Profiler for MEC. 
Ke-Jou Hsu, Ketan Bhardwaj, Ada Gavrilovska (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  10 Poster: Autonomous mobile robot for indoor enhanced living. 
Prabhjot Kaur (Wayne State University), Weisong Shi (University of Delaware)
  11 Poster: EdgeShell - A language for composing edge applications. 
Kumseok Jung (University of British Columbia), Julien Gascon-Samson (ÉTS Montréal), Karthik Pattabiraman (University of British Columbia)
  12 Poster: Towards Efficient Multilayer Collaboration for CAV Applications. 
Sidi Lu (Wayne State University), Weisong Shi (University of Delaware)
  13 Poster: Scalable Quantum Convolutional Neural Networks for Edge Computing. 
Jindi Wu, Qun Li (College of William and Mary)
  14 Demo: A Multi-Perspective Video Streaming System with Privacy Preservation in Trauma Room. 
Zhengyong Ren (Kent State University), Yuxin Yang (Kent State University), Kambiz Ghazinour (State University of New York at Canton), Sara Bayramzadeh (Kent State University), Qiang Guan (Kent State University)
  15 Poster: Reliable On-Ramp Merging via Multimodal Reinforcement Learning. 
Gaurav Bagwe (Michigan Technological University), Jian Li (University of Science and Technology of China), Xiaoheng Deng (Central South University), Xiaoyong Yuan (Michigan Technological University), Lan Zhang (Michigan Technological University)
  16 Poster: SlideCNN: Deep Learning for Auditory Spatial Scenes with Limited Annotated Data. 
Wenkai li (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Beiyu lin (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Theo Gueuret (ESIIE Paris)
  17 Poster: Imitation Learning for Hearing Loss Detection with Cortical Speech-Evoked Responses. 
Cicelia Siu, Beiyu Lin (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
  18 Poster: Unsupervised Learning for Extreme Space Weather Detection based on Spectrograms. 
Louis BARBIER (EFREI Paris), Beiyu Lin (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Louis BARBIER (EFREI Paris)