Edge Computing is an new computing paradigm where server resources, ranging from a credit-card size computer to a small data center, are placed closer to data and information generation sources. Application and systems developers use these resources to enable a new class of latency and bandwidth sensitive applications that are not realizable with current cloud computing architectures. Edge computing represents a counterpoint to the consolidation of computing into massive data centers, which has dominated the discourse in cloud computing for well over a decade. Popular terms such as micro-data centers, intelligent edges, cloudlets, and fog have been used interchangeably to describe edge computing.

The Third ACM/IEEE Symposium on Edge Computing (SEC) seeks to present exciting, innovative research related to the design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and deployment of computer systems and applications at the network edge. SEC is a forum for top researchers, engineers, students, entrepreneurs, and government officials come together under one roof to discuss the opportunities and challenges that arise from rethinking cloud computing architectures and embracing edge computing. SEC takes a broad view of edge computing and solicits contributions from many fields of systems practice that embrace any aspect of edge computing. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • edge computing infrastructure and edge-enabled applications
  • cellular infrastructure for edge computing
  • edge computing as an enabler of 5G applications and services
  • networking, e.g., from clients to the edge, and from the edge to the cloud
  • IoT hubs
  • algorithms and techniques for machine learning and AI at the edge
  • geo-distributed analytics and indexing on edge nodes
  • hardware architectures for edge computing and devices
  • monitoring, management, and diagnosis in edge computing
  • resource management and reliability for edge computing
  • security and privacy issues
  • vehicular, enterprise, and manufacturing systems
  • programming models and toolkits


Kenneth L. Calvert

Division Director of CNS, NSF


Panel Moderator:

J. Chris Ramming

Senior Director, VMWare


Greg Bollella



Xingang Guo

General Manager

IoT for Amazon Delivery Logistics

Eve Schooler



Guijun Wang

Technical Fellow


Lei Zhong

Senior Researcher

Toyota ITC

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Important Date

Submission deadline (hard): Thursday, May 17, 2018, 6:00 pm EDT

Notification to authors: Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Camera-ready papers due: Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Conference: October 25-27, 2018