ACM/IEEE SEC '18 PhD Forum (October 26, 2018)

The PhD forum at SEC 2018 provides an opportunity for PhD students to present their ongoing research, explore their research interests and career objectives with other PhD students and senior researchers at the conference. The forum will also be an excellent opportunity for developing person-to-person networks to the benefit of the PhD students in their future careers. The presenters at the forum are expected to be PhD students in their junior to middle phase of their PhD studies, who have a concrete dissertation proposal outlining the key challenges they plan to solve as well as the strategies and methodologies that are applicable. PhD forum presenters will have the priority to be considered for the student travel grant opportunity.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions for the PhD forum should consists of the following two items in ONE PDF file:

The format of the extended abstract should follow the same guidelines for the SEC 2018 main program papers.

Submission site:

Important Dates


Please send email to sec18 dot phdforum at gmail dot com for questions.